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Dryer Spray 16fl oz

Dryer Spray 16fl oz

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It’s shocking how many dangerous chemicals are found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These chemicals once deposited on our clothes are rapidly absorbed into our skin which can cause a whole host of issues in our bodies.

Our all-natural formula found in our dryer spray effectively fights static, odors, and mildew while also keeping fabrics soft and fresh.

To use: shake well. Spray liberally onto damp clothes before drying.

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, witch hazel, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil: lemongrass.

* vinegar will neutralize odors and eliminate static. Please keep in mind the vinegar smell will disappear after clothes are dry. Dimension: 8 oz, 2.4" x 5.4" x 2.4".

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